Day 1 I Thursday April 11, 2019

Ask anyone who was alive on September 11, 2001 where they were when our country was attacked, and they can immediately recall the events of that day.  For the weeks and months that followed we were riddled with images of the tragedy. Out of those attacks, a battle cry emerged, “Never Forget”. We read it on social media, heard it on many newscasts, and years later still apply it to the terrorism our country faced that morning.  Many innocent lives were lost, and our country mourned.

I’m curious, how often do you reflect on that day versus the innocent life that was lost over 2,000 years earlier?  If we are honest with one another, I would venture to bet that it is not as often as we should. For most of us, outside of Easter week and the observation of the Lord’s Supper, the sacrifice of the One innocent life is, for lack of a better term, “Often Forgotten”.  Perhaps it is because of the busyness of life? Perhaps it is because so many other things occupy our minds? For each of us, the reason would probably differ but the result is the same, we appreciate the sacrifice but we seldom remember it.

Over the next ten days we are going to take a journey together to remember the sacrifice, and hopefully in the process learn more about it.  We know the outline of the story, we know the reason for the sacrifice, and we know the benefit to each of us, but our prayer is that this Easter you will know enough about the process and the events to make the sacrifice more impactful.  

As we close today, take a few minutes to let us know what you hope to accomplish from this journey.  What questions do you hope to have answered? How can our staff pray specifically for you over the course of this Easter celebration?  Remember, Christ died for us so that we could live. Enjoy that thought today.

Amber Kirk