Day 2 I Friday April 12, 2019

The focus of today’s reading was the sacrifice that was offered prior to Jesus beginning the final leg of His journey into Jerusalem.  He had stopped at the home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. We can only imagine the stories of remembrance that was shared that evening. We can assume there were many stories of Jesus’ faithfulness in the lives of the three siblings, most notably the raising of Lazarus from the dead.  I am confident that the moment Lazarus awoke from his dead life and walked into the freedom of the new life Christ offered, he committed to never forgetting his prior condition.

Can the same be said of us?  Can you still remember the moment in your life when Jesus called you out of your tomb and offered a new start?  No doubt that most of us remember the details of that time with much clarity. But do we talk about it? Do we talk with Jesus about His faithfulness to us in that moment, like I am sure Lazarus did as he reclined at the table with Him?  If the answer is “no”, why do you think that is? Could it be the impact of our salvation has become routine? Do we take for granted the promise of new life offered by accepting the call to “Come out!” of our dead state? Possibly, but let me offer something else to think about.  

In the passage for today it mentions Judas’ concern over the cost of the perfume that was poured out.  Do not fool yourself into thinking Judas had a conscience over the economic impact this would have on Mary.  Judas’ issue was completely selfish. Judas would often dip into the money bag for his own use and had Mary donated the amount of the perfume to their work, Judas would have had access to the donation for his personal use.  Judas had allowed his selfish desires to override his ability to remember his ability to love the Lord, as Mary was doing. Judas did not have Jesus fooled. In His response to Judas in John 12:7-8, Judas should have learned a valuable lesson about the worth of money.  Unfortunately, he did not take heed and would soon betray Jesus for a minimal bounty.

Today, take time to think about the areas in your life that have caused you to lose the ability to love Jesus properly.  What areas have you allowed greed and personal gain to override your perspective of Jesus? He desires complete obedience from us and we often default to our gain over His.  

Amber Kirk