Day 6 I Tuesday April 16, 2019

Passover. The preparation had begun for this momentous occasion and the picture paints the idea of a city full of people sharing in excitement and tradition for this once a year feast. Odds are, we have all shared an experience where we served a role in the preparation and planning of a meal that we would consider to be on a larger scale. And that process can be fairly involved depending on the mass of your crowd. However, the planning for the Passover meal was handled a bit differently than we would approach our occasional feasts.

Preparing for Passover usually begins a full month before the actual day of the feast and, if done correctly, contains a very deep cleaning of all the chametz that is stored in their houses. Chametz is a leavened ingredient that was often found within a variety of foods and the eating of this ingredient was strictly prohibited during the planning for Passover. We may spend time cleaning our homes for the planning of company coming over in efforts to make our belongings as presentable as possible. But the cleaning of the chametz was crucial to this process as it represents the swelling of the ego that enslaves each flawed human and the freedom that was received from this ego during the Passover.

However important the preparation for Passover may be, I don't want us to miss the incredible symbolism that lies in the sacrifice of the lamb. The Passover lamb was to be a male of the first year (first fruit) without blemish or spot, sacrificed according to God's specific instructions. Obedience to the instructions of the Lord regarding the sacrificial blood of the Passover lamb brought deliverance from the wages of sin and death for those within the house (Exodus 12). The lamb died in their place that they might be saved.

As the crucifixion day grows every closer, I present this question to you. What does it change in your life, knowing that we have a savior that is given the title "The Lamb of God"? Does this add anymore depth or clarity to the sacrifice that was made for us?

Amber Kirk